(Ezra 9:6–9)      by Greg Mailloux 

1. We blush to lift our faces to You

For our sins have risen higher than the sky.

But in Your mercy You've shown us revival.

Renew our hearts again!


We want Revival.   

Pour out Your Spirit.

Let our hearts burn for You once again.

We want Revival   

In the name of Jesus our Lord.

For ourselves, for our homes, 

And for our land.

2. Your commandments are great, Almighty God.

These are the floodlights for our walk with You.

For You are a holy, awesome God!

Renew our hearts again.  [CHORUS]

3. Revive Your remnant, O God!

Bring life to Your people again!  [CHORUS]

© 2003   Greg Mailloux. Ana'stasis Music.

Used with permission.