(Isaiah 49:14–16)  by Greg Mailloux 

1. I am the God who loves you  

More than you will ever know.

I created you to love you 

And in love I'll watch you grow.

In My image I conceived you, 

And planted deep within your heart

All the love that you could long for. 

Know that I will not depart.

2. Tenderness.  Compassion.  

These gifts I long to give.

Could a father leave his children?  

Could a mother not forgive?

Yet, should these fail to love you, 

Know that I am always here.

I will never abandon you;  

In my hands I hold you near.

3. And now I prove for you child 

How great My love can be.

My Son I sent to love you;  

He died so you'd be free;

Free from sin and fear and hatred; 

Free to cling to all my love,

So that when you die you'll see Me, 

And rejoice in heaven above.

© 1991   Greg Mailloux. Ana'stasis Music.

Used with permission.