1 John 3 Greg Mailloux

1. See what love the Father has shown us. 

He calls us children of God! 

When Christ is revealed 

We'll be like him

For we'll see him as he is. 


We're chosen and loved. 

We're children of God! 


As God's children we cry out: "Abba". 

As God's children we inherit his kingdom, 

Kingdom of God made alive in Christ. 

We're alive in Christ! 

2. See what love the Savior has shown us. 

He laid down his life! 

So we ought to lay down our lives 

For the ones who are in need. [PRE -CHORUS]


What does the Lord require of us? 

Act justly, love mercy, 

Walk humbly with our God. [repeat then CHORUS]

3. Our hearts don't condemn us 

So we're bold with God. 

He gives us all that we need. 

We obey his commands and please him. 

We are children of the King.  [PRE -CHORUS]