Greg grew up in the Church: an altar boy and a member of a boy's choir. He took a few guitar lessons while in 9th grade, but quit in frustration. He went through a crisis in faith from the age of 16 to 24, but was renewed in the faith during a weekend retreat sponsored by the Catholic Campus Ministry. One fruit of that renewal was a hunger for the Word of God. Most of Greg's songs have Scripture quotes or paraphrases. A second renewal at age 31 brought an even greater hunger for the Scriptures and an intense prayer life.

It was at this time he picked up the guitar. It was as if he had been playing since 9th grade. It was truly a miracle! He began playing and eventually leading the worship at Mass, at prayer meetings, at rallies, at healing Masses, at retreats. And the people were blessed!

One day, after receiving our Lord in the Eucharist, he heard a song in his head: "I Love You Jesus". Greg's first song was pure gift from God. But he had no musical training to be able to process the song, and so he approached a music teacher for help. Since that day, the song has been translated into at least ten different languages. And since that day, Greg has written over 200 songs, psalms, and hymns.

Since 1998, Greg has been working with singer, song-writer, producer Peter Palazzolo, who has helped Greg to polish his craft. To date Greg has released 21 CDs of original songs and cover versions. He has published over 150 music videos for YouTube featuring many of these songs.

In 2016, Greg was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease which robbed him of his ability to play guitar in public. But he continues to write and record, and is still choir director for 2 contemporary choirs. 
October 2019